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Thanks for the memories Lions Village.  My life for 21 years at Lions Village was filled with caring neighbours and lasting friendships.  There were always fun activities to participate in and my favourite was the organized bus trips to and from the casino.  Celebrating my 100th birthday with my Lions Village family has given me the warmest memories of all.  Thank you to each one of you.

Victoria Deagle



"It has been almost a year and a half since you made it possible for me to move in here.  Every day I realize how lucky I am.  I have not been as happy anywhere as I am here.  The peace and quiet are wonderful.  My family are happy that they don't have to worry about me."


- From a letter to the LVGES Board


I have now been living in Railtown for almost two years and I’m glad that I moved in. I have talked to others that are very happy living in our building and some say, “Why didn’t I move sooner?” The Lions are truly providing an excellent service to the community and this I can say because I am a recipient of the Lions freely volunteered hard work and generosity.

-  From a Lions Village Railtown Resident


Again thank you so very much for everything.  


You have made this whole experience a simple and very pleasant one!  


It is nice that Lions is so open to working with its clients.

Modern Senior Woman
 Providing Affordable Housing for Seniors
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